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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 6, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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speaking of wet roads, seeing that 880 and 680 out of the sunol grade. an accident on 101 approaching 880 split in san jose having a big impact on your commute. we'll be watching both, with the forecast and traffic coming up. let's take a beautiful, live sunrise shot over the bay area. wednesday, august 6th, this is "today in the bay." welcome. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. update to breaking news following this morning. crews have knocked down a fire at a senior assisted living center in san jose. they were able to keep flames contains in the office building of willow glen's atria center. it was empty at the time and not connected to where residents live. the fire reached the attic. crews don't know the cause but they did have to call for backup.
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none of the residents of the senior living center were in danger. everybody's okay. >> also new, cars are ready to be -- ready to be sold totalled. you can hear it, see it, damage left behind. a car flies off the freeway, slam into a dealership. >> the crash happened just before 3:00 this morning at an infinity dealership off 680 in concord. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang joins us live by the scene. the driver has been arrested? >> reporter: that's right. the driver, arrested. not sure for what yet, involved in the crash. he's okay, after cleared at the hospital. to give you perspective where we are, this is off of 680. this is burnett avenue, north of willow. here the driver was on the on-ramp going to northbound 680 when he lost control. you can see he went over the bank here, into the chain link fence, smashing into two infinity vehicles here, two g-37s, pre-owned, certified.
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one completely damaged in the back here. actually part of his bumper still on the floor here. not just a messy scene but a loud one. [ horns ] >> reporter: you can see, it was a honda sedan of some sort, flipped over, completely. the car horn going off for some type. the car was righted. chp cleared the scene by 4:15. pretty quick here. the drive ar per appeared to be. back of the ambulance talking, answering questions with paramedics. we heard he was cleared at the hospital and then arrested. back here live again, you can see the debris flew quite a bit. there's glass everywhere here. the folks of the dealership not here yet. but this is what they will find when they get here this morning. we do have a note, too, roads were slick earlier as it has been raining in the area.
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live in concord, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> i can only imagine, if the dealer himself or herself is waking up and turning on the television and finding that out for the first time. thank you. >> that's right. tsa says it's made changes at mineta san jose after a stowaway made it past security without a ticket. it's a story we first broke last night. a 62-year-old woman got through security and on to a flight from san jose making it all the way to l.a.x. it's the second time the stowaway has made on to a plane in four months. "today in the bay's" rbob redel joins us. this woman has done this before. >> reporter: this is the third time this year this woman has been able to get through security without a ticket. two times at sfo, the third time this past monday night right upstairs here in norman mineta.
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marilyn hartman slipped past the document checkpoint and boarded a southwest airlines plane without a boarding pass. after that plane landed at l.a.x., the flight crew had to conduct a head count for the continuing flight to phoenix where they found hartman without the ticket. there, taken into custody and remains in los angeles county jail with bail set at $500. >> certainly san jose has training issues that i think it needs to fix because passengers want to know only screened and ticketed passengers are on that plane. if that's not the case, the general public's confidence in air safety will collapse and that will affect all of us. >> reporter: that is bay area congressman eric swalwell who serves on the homeland security committee. he believes that mineta needs better training, procedures, fixes that he also doesn't think would cost a lot of money. the tsa did announce yesterday
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that it had made changes inside the document screening area here on the second floor of live here at norm mineta, bob redell. >> the police department is apologizing saying it should have told the public about the purchase of a drone. the department promising greater transparency in the future. hit with criticism after the purchase of the drone was revealed last week. the drone will be used by the bomb squad and others may share it with other bay area agencies. the department says there will be community outreach before that drone is used. the drone is currently grounded. it does not have any clearance from the faa. people in the south bay have to travel further for their day in court. the small claims, traffic, civil divisions in palo alto and morgan hill will close. more than 50 courthouses statewide are being shut down. the closures in the south bay will save 2 million a year but many question at what cost to
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justice. >> how about getting rid of cross-examination? there's any number of ways to be more efficient. but it's not justice. when we look at efficiencies and look hard at them every day we also have to balance where's the justice? >> bottom line, south county and peninsula reps deiser dents are travel for civil and small claims cases as well as traffic court. take you out at a live look at oracle arena. the oakland alameda coliseum authority will meet to vote on a deal for the venue you can see there next door, coliseum. the new lease will allow the a's to play at the coliseum for another ten years. now the authority is expected to approve changes made to the deal by the city of oakland. but even if it is approved, there's no guarantee the team will stay in oakland forever. the deal includes an escape clause allowing a's to leave after the 2018 season. >> it's 6:06. time to check the forecast.
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as we give you a live look outside san francisco. check the forecast with rob mayeda in for christina. >> nice forecast for most of the bay area north of san francisco. right now, weather forecast could impact your commute around the south bay. on the left side of the screen, light rain around san jose towards the peninsula. clearing skies now into the north bay. the radar, interesting here, as you see the spin to the clouds, area of low pressure, now starting to dive to the south pulling showers down the peninsula into palo alto and sunnyvale, fremont, milpitas, san jose, light areas of rain moving to the south and east. most of the rain away from the tri-valley over fremont and approach up the sunol grade near mission boulevard, running into moderate showers. and that, too, next half hour. we'll continue to progress through the santa clara valley diving south. transition for cloudy skies to start, clearing skies from north to south, passing lunchtime into the afternoon, highs today
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climbing into the 80s inland and 70s closer to san francisco. so high today near san jose should approach the low 80s, 82 in san jose. san francisco, 60s to 70s, partly cloudy skies, lingering showers to just before lunchtime. santa rosa, 81. seven day forecast on the bottom of 0 the screen shows a warm-up in store. as we take a closer look at weekend preview forecast, tri-valley, climbing close to 90 saturday and sunday with low 80s around the peninsula. comfortable weather headed our way for the weekend. we do have issues on the roads due to the bay area. crash north bound 101 around 880 split in san jose involved a motorcycle and truck. that has been moved to the side. the slowdown there from the 101/680 junction north bound over to the 880 split in san jose this morning. the view from the ground level shows you that slowing heading
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north bound on 101 increasing travel times and delays by up to 15 to 20 minutes. plan accordingly if your route includes 101. metering lights on at bay bridge toll plaza. the sea of headlights westbound trying to cross the bay bridge this morning. seeing metering lights on. golden gate commute looks good. roadway dry there, which is good news as the wet roads continue for the south bay. mass transit all four, b.a.r.t. >> 6:09. happening now, historic day for space exploration. the resosetta spacecraft expect to make contact. >> never tried before. the comet, 67-. an icy mass scientists want to know more about. the challenge they won't know what they're dealing with until the probe get there's. >> there are steps before we are
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able to land. first we have to get to the comet, learn how to fly around the comet, find a site and ready for landing in november. >> landing, can you imagine? they are in orbit around the comet. trying to gather information about the surface and examine the changes as it undergoes and gets closer to the sun. not only is it going to fly, it's going to send a probe to the surface. scientists hoping it will help unlock mysteries of the universe, giving them a look at what the solar system was like when it was firstborn. butcher shop vandalized in berkeley. >> want to see them caught. >> why the fbi says, veggie anarchists to blame. >> the sun comes up on a fine wednesday.
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good morning to you. 6:13, live look at radar around the south bay. seeing light rain falling in parts of san jose in the santa clara valley. speaking of san jose, injury accident 101 northbound approaching 880 split moved to the side but lingering effects continue, northbound 101, expect delays there heading to the south bay this morning. >> here are today's top stories. workers picking through rubble of collapsed buildings in china, hoping to find any survivors from that devastating earthquake. rescuers managed to pull an
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elderly woman. the number of dead, 589, nearly 2500 others are hurt. this morning, self-cars for sale totalled. around 3:00, out of control driver went through a chain link fence before landing upside down on top of cars at the infinity dealership in concord off of 68 on the chp tells us the driver was arrested after being checked out at the hospital. san jose, firefighters keeping an eye out for hot spots near the willow glen center. firefighters say the flames were contained in the office. none of the people living in the next bill were in danger. today a bay area law make already introduce a bill preventing average person from having military grade body armor. legislation borne from mass shootings that have happened so many times in recent years. kris sanchez joins us now. not talking about average bulletproof vest.
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>> no, plenty of people use bulletproof vests. we get issued them. these are not the vests that we are talking about. take a look at ones that we are talking about. type iii and up, the body armor soldiers need in combat or that s.w.a.t. members would wear. law enforcement says there's no reason for civilians to have it. south bay congressman, mike honda agrees. he will talk about the responsible body armor possession ability. legislation came after shootings like the 2012 massmassacre, the gunman wearing a helmet, leggings, protection around throat and groin, and tactical gloves. he cited the 1997 shoot-out between two armed bank robbers and los angeles police which he says lasted a lot longer than it should have. >> 32 officers tried to take down one shooter and he had
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taken 27 shots into the body because he had body armor, it protected him. and that's pretty scary for law enforcement folks. >> right now anyone except c convicted felons can buy body armor type iii online. it's not banned in any state. honda will be joined by bay area law enforcement and district attorneys at the announcement. he is introducing the bill during the congressional break and while running for re-election. scott, laura? 6:16. the fbi joined the feinvestigatn into the vandalism of a grocery store. someone threw rocks last week. a posting on the web called direct action criticizes star meats and calls the sale of meat murder. it says window damage part of a window smashing campaign that
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started last year. the owner and regulars at star grocery say it's an unfair attack. >> want these people caught. >> it's a shame. this is a neighborhood treasure. no reason to throw rocks in the window. there's other ways to protest. we love this store. >> cost $1300 to replace windows. no security cameras at the store butting as have leads. nine caltrans engineers moved deeshg moted, even fired after questioning the work done on the bay bridge, according to investigator who testified to the state hearing yesterday. the contra costa times reports one of the engineers was sent to china for new assignment after he reported welding inspections were not thorough enough. yesterday's hearing, bridge experts testified caltrans needs more oversight from outside agencies. >> live look at eastern approach to the bridge which actually has
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experienced numerous problems since completed, like broken bolts, water leaks. the bridge is safe but inadequate welding and parts will lead to higher maintenance costs later on. check the forecast. live to concord. rainy, cloudy day ahead. boy, that's welcome to get moisture. rob mayeda joins us. good morning. >> nice change. we've been seeing showers from san francisco and oakland into san jose which may not be good news for your xhornmorning comm. roadways slick. pretty skies. there's a view from tiburon off to the bay. partly cloudy skies, clearing around san francisco. downtown san francisco right now you got mostly cloudy skies. but again, most of the rain producing clouds moved to the south. taking you into san jose, 101 approach, 880 split, seeing traffic problems from earlier
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accident. we'll update that in our traffic report in a moment. the rain continuing to push from north to south across the bay area, mainly light rain around fremont, milpitas, south of san jose. light sprinkles to occasionally lighter showers as you get into the hilltops around the sunol grade. one of the spots watching for you this morning at 101 area, approaching 280 in san jose with traffic report coming up in a moment. so, we got the cloud there's from san jose producing light rain. that should continue to move from north to south as we go through the afternoon. north bay clearing first and then as we go through the rest of the day, clearing skies across south bay, setting us up for a pleasant afternoon, at leaf temperaturewise. low 80s san jose. mid to upper 80s south saratoga, campbell, san francisco, 70. take you to the north bay, highs in the low 80s. pleasanton 87. livermore climbing up to 88. notice the change, second half of the week, temperatures around
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the tri-valley into the low 90s. one of the things watching for the second half of the week weather-wise. 580 commute westbound out of livermore, accident westbound slowing things down. 84 commute getting south of livermore, slowing southbound approaching that 680 interchange trying to get closer to the south bay. slowing in san jose, crash north bound 101, involving a motorcyclist and a truck near 880 split, that's been moved to the side. the side effects continue as north bound slowing starts to bottleneck down there, even before the 680/101 split. you can see travel impact in the south bay this morning. a live view look at slowdown, northbound 101 around 280 in the south bay. travel times into san jose, you can see, north bound at the 101/85 split, 16 minutes. travel times in the green on time. right on time, still at least, mass transit, b.a.r.t., muni,
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caltrain, vta on schedule this wednesday morning. >> doing double duty. let's buy him breakfast. looking for a cheat one, today's your day. >> 25 cents. don't tell rob. get your hands on any bagel noah's bagels. the company, which first opened in 1989, just wanted to do something special for its cuss pe customers in honor of its 25th birthday. get there early. >> sounds good. >> still ahead on "today in the bay," incredible rescue caught on camera. a man gets stuck between a platform and a train. we'll show you how fellow passengers got him out. take you out live. coit tower and alcatraz. not foggy morning.
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new this morning, united airlines flight had to make emergency landing overnight after a fire broke out on board. the plane left newark, heading to brussels, when a small fire started in the galley area. the boeing 777 diverted and landed safely. crew members used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames before the plane touched down. 233 people on board, no one was hurt. bowe bergdahl is anxious to share his side of the story.
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bergdahl's lawyer, eugene fidel, released this picture of his meeting with the soldier from yesterday. fidel and bergdahl used the meeting to go over classified report into bergdahl's disappearance. bergdahl could have chosen not to take part but fidel says his client wanted to talk. bergdahl's been on desk duty since last month. freed in a controversial swap this year for five taliban prisoners. today, the third and final day of the first ever u.s./africa business summit hosted by president obama. leaders have been meeting in washington, d.c. all week. today's sessions include discussing investment, security, and governance. michelle obama will host a spouses symposium with former first lady laura bush. >> the second aide worker is showing signs of improvement now getting special treatment in the
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states. nancy's husband says she's weak but getting better. she stood up when she got on the plane in liberia. nancy writebol and her colleague are being treated for ebola at an atlanta hospital. happening now, crews are trying to save a 6-year-old boy who accidentally fell into a well in india. investigators say the boy fell into an open well at a farm three days ago. they're keeping him alive by giving him oxygen through a well pipe. authorities say the boy is stuck nearly 200 feet down and it may take several more days to get him out. >> scary. new video of amazing rescue in australia. boarding a train a passenger slips and gets his leg stuck between the train and platform. dozens lined up alongside the train and pushed, they pushed so hard they tilted the train. >> look at that. >> after a few moments the man was freed, and he should be okay. never seen such a thing.
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>> thank goodness they stopped the train first. still ahead, voters frustrated and fed up. new political poll could mean big shakeup on capitol hill this year. >> live to the golden gate bridge, that looks like reasonable traffic. but rob's doing double duty today. more traffic coming up in a minute.
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all time low, scathing approval ratings on capitol hill. we'll tell you how it could shake up this year's election. >> rare august rain, still pushing through the bay area right now. pushing into the santa clara valley, sought of san jose which could in turn affect parts of the commute. seeing lingering slowing 101 near 880 split. accident has been cleared to the side. travel delays continue around san jose. metering lights turned on at bay bridge toll plaza. watching that and some other slowdowns in the tri-valley that could slow your commute on this wednesday morning. we'll let you know how long raindrops will be in the forecast.
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>> slow in the markets in august as well. hopefully this will spark things up. celebrating the big hong kong boat festival on the nyse. on the nasdaq, hometown fellows from avago in san jose. today, wednesday, august 6th. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. thank you for joining us. scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the summer of our discontent, new poll shows americans are unhappy. and they are particularly unhappy with washington. "today in the bay's" tracy pots joins us live on capitol hill. it's not good for president obama but it's worse for congress during this election year. >> not good for anyone around here. let's take a look at the numbers, nbc's new "wall street journal" poll shows the president's approval rating 40%.
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47% think he's doing a bad job. for the president, all-time low. it's better than congress. favor ability rating, 14%, 19 for republicans, 31 for democrats. as for the economy, 6 in 10 americans said they're dissatisfied, more than that think we're headed in the wrong direction. and the question becomes, how will all of this play out at the polls in november? >> it will be interesting to see. thanks so much. well, 6:31. check your forecast. we give you a live look outside at at&t park. home to the concert once again, yes, san francisco will be hearing it against, check the forecast. >> beyonce and jay z. >> rob mayeda. >> i love the scientific background you gave. so many people in the bay area in san francisco, heard that concert. the clouds or the bit of temperature inversion acting like extra amplifier for the
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music there. we did hear the noise carrying from at&t. tonight we might see partly cloudy skies, might be as loud for the folks who had unintended ticket around san francisco. light rain around the south bay. peninsula, too. look at our temperatures, very warm outside. upper 60s in san jose, east bay towards oakland. 67 degrees now. and the warm temperatures seeing as temperatures overnight, air didn't cool off. the heat of the day before hitting clouds acting like a blanket. you can see light rain, still falling in san jose, around campbell, heading into saratoga, and into the almaden valley. it does stop around the tri-valley. go down the sunol grade, run into the rain around fremont. north of pleasanton, showers now have started to wind down. rain totals impressive away from the bay area, half inch of rain around chico. napa and martinez, over a tenth
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of an inch, all of this welcome in a time of year which is the driest for the bay area. for the morning, especially the south bay, we have the chance of seeing a few more showers for you. just before lunchtime see skies clear for the bay area south of san francisco. clearing in the north bay to start, moving south into the afternoon. valley temperatures 70 and 80s. starting off with raindrops around san jose. towards afternoon, temperatures climbing into the low 80s, around san jose, upper 80s, saratoga and for san francisco, highs in the upper 60s to 70s. temperatures climbing into the low 80s around santa rosa. fremont, walnut creek in the mid-80s today. upper 80s for pleasanton out towards livermore. seven-day forecast shows you second half of the week, temperatures climb with 90s possibly showing up towards the weekend. and weekend temperatures you can see, tri-valley, climbing up
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into the low 90s. nice around the rest of the bay area. highs in the mid-80s. not nice for 101 commute north bound, approaching 880 split. injury accident. you see orange there on the map that's a lot of slowing. backup begins before you reach 101/680 split. there's a view, as traffic slows down, bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights on but the rain has moved on there. and 580 commute, past the dublin grade, westbound approaching castro valley, see slowing for you. also slowing in the tri-valley in the usual places. but especially from 850 to 680, 23 mile per hour drive times. slowdown for the tri-val lip mass transit on time. good alternative. light rain in the south bay. apple and samsung playing nice this morning, kind of. two companies have agreed to end
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all patent lawsuits between each other in countries outside the u.s. the companies will continue to pursue existing patent cases in u.s. court but the agreement does appear to show tensions between the two tech giants are easing. series of high stakes lawsuits started several years ago when an al excused samsung of copying the iphone. rupert murdoch pulling his $80 million bid to buy time warner. the board refused to discuss a deal to merge with 21st century fox. back to apple, apple set to unveil the new iphone september 9th than would mean it will be in stores two weeks later. the company shows off its latest model in the fall. iphone 6 expected to come in two versions, 4.7 and 5.5 screen, similar to the samsung galaxy
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phones. >> 6:35. still ahead, could tropical storms put a damper on christina loren's wedding? >> how northern california wildfires threaten the sent for alien light. live look outside. beautiful sunrise over the east bay this morning. live look. good morning, concord. full weather forecast. today's rain may not put a damper on you.
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very good wednesday morning to you. very good looking live look outside. san francisco this morning, rob's got a look at forecast. rain falling in the bay area. >> thousand of firefighters waking up to more fire. taming more than a dozen fires covering the north half of california. one of the most dangerous the eiler fire, scorched 31,000 acres crews have that one-third contained. eight miles east, the bald fire 40,000 acres and is 30%
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contained. the el portal fire on the western edge of yosemite national forest contained. they do not expect some of them to be contained for another few weeks. those wildfires threaten the sent for alien life. the allen telescope located at the hat creek observatory. this week caught in the middle of two wildfires. this is an image from that telescope, the last believed image, the telescope used by the institute, a nonprofit which explores extraterrestrial life. the fire danger is lifted in the area and scientists head up to the site to get that telecost back up and running. meteorology christina loren, she is off in hawaii getting married today. wouldn't you know it, the weather's followed her out there. >> check out the radar.
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this is your wedding day. it's like a black fly in your chardonnay. two systems approaching the island. iselle weakens but expected to make landfall tomorrow. tropical storm julio could hit sunday. a chance it could miss hawaii entirely. >> appears people on the islands are not taking chances. this is a photo tweeted out by christina. bottled water already flying off the shelves there. knowing christina, she loves weather so much she's going to enjoy the day, no doubt. >> loves her weather. loves her husband -- fee onsay. >> congratulations to them. >> 6:41. flames rip through an office building overnight in san jose. >> cars crash in a high end dealership with a driver flying off the freeway. stowaway at san jose international. how a woman got aboard a flight without a ticket. >> rare august rain flying in the bay area from san jose
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southbound into campbell. wet roads for the morning. warm-up ahead.
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we start with update to breaking news. crews have knocked down a fire at senior assisted living center in san jose, able to keep the flames contained to the office building of willow glen's atria center, not connected to where residents live. crews don't know the cause. but they did have to call for backup. none of the residents at the living center were in danger. >> it is going to be an expensive cleanup at air concord
6:45 am
dealership a driver flew off of the freeway, smashing into a packed lot, totalling several of the brand-new cars for sale. >> the crash happened just before 3:00 this morning at an ininfinity dealership off 68 on stephanie chuang joins us live. the owner says it's not the first time this happened. >> reporter: yes. he spoke with someone who works here who says it's the second time it's happened in less than a year top give you perspective of what happened, the driver was going on the northbound on-ramp to 680 where you see that he went over the ditch, slammed into the chain link fence and of course into two parked cars. this one, this g-37, completely wrecked in the back and the driver's car still on the ground here. [ horn ] >> reporter: the car completely flipped over. this was just before 3:00 this
6:46 am
morning. you can see it's on the right side of the vehicle. debris everywhere. a the driver, young man, appeared to be fine as he sat in the ambulance talking with paramedics. he has been arrested, suspected of driving under the influence, but is doing okay in terms of his physical being, well-being. back here live, you can see a lot of the debris. actually, we did speak with a technician at the infinity dealership who says this is the second time this has happened in less than a year. >> ripped up the road to where you have better traction going around the corner there. but before, people lose it whenever it rains. >> reporter: so again, back here live, you see the wreckage here. and as the gentleman mentioned, the weather has played a role in the crash he remembered and he was saying that people had been driving too quickly around here, especially raining, they would
6:47 am
lose control around here and tried to do some stuff to the trood ma tried to make it more safe. it had been raining overnight but not extreme amount. not sure if that contributed to the crash. live in concord, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> keep yourself safe. >> interesting to see if they might have to put up a bigger barrier as well. >> time to check the forecast. raindrops falling on our heads this morning. rob's got a look at the forecast. >> not what you expect for august. waking up to clouds in san jose. light rain in the south bay, santa clara valley and moving to the afternoon we'll lose humidity and the tropical weather around the bay area. rain still in san jose, around the peninsula. areas south of palo alto, mostly cloudy skies. look at the temperatures, upper 60s this morning. san francisco, 64 degrees. 63 now in the north bay. skies will slowly clear, like at the bay bridge toll plaza. partly cloudy skies breaking out around the inner part of the east bay. satellite and radar, interesting
6:48 am
as watching the rain almost south of san jose. south of fremont into areas lik saratoga, campbell, almaden valley, morgan swhhill and gilr. showers approaching milpitas as the rain band pushes from north to south for you this morning. clouds doing the same thing. seeing on the radar, the system counterclockwise rotation, backing back across the central sierra. clearing as we pass lunchtime from north to south. showers lieu lake counties. temperatures today, eventually reaching low 80s around san jose. notice temperature trend into the weekend, not much warming for san jose. we'll hang on to the mid-80s, san francisco low 70s. what you see warm-up for the tri-valley as you approach the weekend. 81 santa rosa, pleasanton, 87.
6:49 am
north bay and tri-valley, numbers back in the 90s around livermore. temperatures here climbing up, we lose humidity and increase sunshine. temperatures through the weekend. right now, check of traffic. an accident past the toll plaza. you saw the backup. that's number four lane as lanes merge head across westbound. another stop for you, in the south bay, 101, approaching 880 split. earlier accident with motorcyclist and truck previously cleared. that backup. extensive, past 280, towards 280 and 680. northbound 101, delays around san jose now. ground level view of the delay, northbound, you can see break lights there approaching that earlier accident at 880 split northbound 101 into san jose. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lightses on. accident past the toll plaza. number 4 lane, plan accordingly.
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heading west bound, earlier accident, westbound approaching near the 680 interchange that clears to the side. you see lingering travel effects for westbound 580 approaching 680. we see that will take 26 miles per hour, big slowdown in the drive times. now, also delays on mass transit, for muni, delays involving the 8, 10, 22, 48, 43. b.a.r.t., caltrain, vta, more or less on time on somewhat still rainy morning for the south bay. >> developing in the middle east, it's the second quiet day in a row for gaza. nearly a month of bombing and shooting. a cease-fire holding strong but both sides need to come to agreement before a truce is up tomorrow. today, egyptian mediators will be shuttling between both sides trying to work out a deal.
6:51 am
details emerging, an internationally reconstruction of gaza. palestinians are taking time during the calm to return to bombed-out homes and collect what's left of their possessions. who should have full body armor? south bay congressman says, no one. today, mike honda will introduce a bill to outlaw the purchase for civilians. chris, we're not talking about standard bulletproof vests. >> no. this is the kind of bulletproof body armor that folks use in war zones or in s.w.a.t. situations. take a look. not talking about the standard one. you can tell from the picture. it's called type iii and up. the kind that you see in combat. law enforcement says no reason for civilians to have it. south bay congressman mike honda agrees. he will talk about the responsible body armor possession act. he says it's legislation born of
6:52 am
the mass shooting similar to the one that happened in aurora, colorado, the gunman wearing a ballistic helmet, vest, legs, protects around his throat, tactical guns. this shooting in 199 in l.a., two armed bank robbers who had a shoot-out with police that lasted much longer than it should have. >> 32 officers were trying to take down one shooter. he had taken 27 shots into the body because he had body armor it protected him. and that's pretty scary for law enforcement folks. >> right now, anyone except for convicted felons can buy body armor type iii and above online. the justice department has lings to 70 companies that sell it. it is not banned in any state. honda will be joined by bay area law enforcement and district attorneys when he makes his announcement at 10:30.
6:53 am
introducing the bill during a congressional break and while running for re-election. santa clara leaders moving forward with a plan to give immigrant children a safe place to stay. yesterday reform advocates held a us in conference, urging the board of supervisors to put a system in place to support undocuments children who have come to the country alone. the plan would give children temporary housing with host families or community groups. thousands crosses the border to escape violence are being held in texas and southern california. santa clara leaders voted to ban medical marijuana shops in unincorporated parts of the county. preemptive move since there are no pot shops. county leaders have extended a moratorium on new pot clubs until then. >> san jose no tax increase measure on the ballot. city leaders couldn't agree how
6:54 am
the money would be spent. among the options, general purpose tax, public safety tax, and infrastructure tax. another major security breach at san jose international airport. >> a story we first broke last night. this time, a 62-year-old woman got through security and on to a flight from san jose. made it all the way to l.a.x. this is the second time there's been a security breach at san jose mineta in four months. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us from sjc. not the first time this woman has gotten through airport security without a ticket either. >> reporter: scott, remarkable, she's done this a couple of times before. her third time happened this past monday here at mineta international. investigators say marilyn hartman slipped past the checkpoint and boarded a plane without a ticket. after that plane landed at l.a.x., the flight crew conducted a head count for continuing flight to phoenix and
6:55 am
found hartman without her ticket. there, taken into custody, remains in l.a. county jail with bail set at $500. this is the third time this year hartman has found a way to get through security without a ticket. the other two times at sfo. >> we're fortunate this woman was harmless. but we might not be so lucky in the future. >> reporter: that was congressman eric swalwell who serves on the homeland security committee. he says he thinks the airport needs to do better training, procedures. these are fixes that he does not believe would cost much money. the tsa announced yesterday that it has made a change in side the document screening area here we received a statement from the airport saying they are assisting in the investigation. the airport security systems and processes were not a factor in this incident and public safety was never compromised.
6:56 am
robbery dell, "today in the bay." as we mentioned, the second significant security breach at san jose's airport this year. back in april a 15-year-old climbed the outer security fence and flew to maui in the wheel well of a plane. he said he was trying to get to somalia to see his mother but didn't realize he was sneaking on a plane to hawaii. the teen lost consciousness and somehow survived subzero temperatures and low oxygen levels during that five-hour flight. but unlike marilyn hartman, that teen was never arrested. efforts to remove a beached boat from the san francisco shoreline will resume in a few minutes. crews are going to get to work at 7:00. but the coast guard says it will take a couple of days to get it out of the water at ocean beach. meanwhile, authorities are looking for the skipper, timothy lybrand, he's wanted on a warrant from santa clara county, related to drug charges from 2010. so, lybrand is alive, he
6:57 am
reportedly called someone yesterday to say he had made it to shore safely. the coast guard spent several hours looking for him in the water on monday. 6:56. final check of the top stories. a man under arrest after he drove off interstate 680 in concord and landed on top of several cars at an infinity dealership. it's most likely he was taken into custody for suspicion of dui. san jose, firefighters keep a ing an eye out at gaten drive near haimleton. the flames were contained to the office. none of the people at the center were in dang. >> right now, pair of hurricanes barreling towards hawaiian islands overnight, julio strength from a tropical storm to hurricane. it could miss the islands altogether. hurricane iselle will make landfall tomorrow but expected to weaken to a tropical storm. >> rob mayeda is in for christina because she's in
6:58 am
hawaii. >> that's right. >> getting married. >> keeping a close eye on the forecast. one of the storms does look like it's going to veer off to the north. a taste of our subtropical weather. the police tur that came in yesterday, dropping showers from san jose south with a break in the action around the tri-valley. low 80s around san jose, low 70s closer to san francisco. 80s around pleasanton and livermore. checking morning commute, northbound 280, geneva, left lane blocked because of accident. bay bridge toll plaza, past it an accident there, affecting number 4 lane westbound across the bay bridge this morning. one more stop, to the south bay, crash north bound 101 at 880 split, an hour ago, that has been cleared. travel delays continue all the way north bound 101 approaching 680 split. red still there northbound 101 approaching san jose this morning. >> if you didn't hear about this, you've dot to tune in
6:59 am
earlier. rob explained why everybody can hear that beyonce and jay z concert last night. >> a lot of people across san francisco could hear the show just fine no matter where they were. live look at at&t park this morning. field's prepped for the giants. now for the big concert, the finale tonight. people could hear that loud and clear to the mission, petraro hill. pictures and tweets. >> from this one, i'm this far away from the ball arc and i can hear the jay z/beyonce show. tweet from vivian ho, everyone else in san francisco can hear beyonce but me. i haven't felt this left out since middle school. >> it has to do with moisture. >> moisture in the air. or temperature inversion, can bounce the sound waves, or they just cranked it up. >> we'll find out tonight if
7:00 am
it's going to happen again. >> partly cloudy skies. showers this morning. clearing tonight. maybe sound won't carry as far. >> chances of loud beyonce. >> 100%. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." back at 7:25. good morning. largest breach ever. more than a billion user names and passwords and another 500 million e-mail addresses stolen by russian hackers. some from websites you might use every day. so are you at risk? tragedy in the military. the family of the u.s. general killed by an afghan soldier he was training speaks out. >> the army as well as afghanistan and america has lost a true hero. >> what can be done to prevent insider attacks as u.s. troops withdraw from afghanistan. not again. a woman manages to board a plane without a boarding pass. bypassing security a


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